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Friday, 21 October 2011

The morning bird

The little bird chirrups on my window sill
It sings song of sorrows
Followed by songs of wisdom
I open an eye
The sun shines brightly
And through the curtains
I let the rays fall on my face
The bird goes on singing
I get out of bed
Drag myself to the window
Keeping my eye focused on the little bird
I bend down to take a closer look
And finally
I slam the window
Tearing the bird into two
"Shut the fuck up, you are messing up my sleep"
I yell at the dead bird
And then fall into a deep sleep.

Sanity gone insane

There is a insanity within my sanity
One who has gone insane, deviates
And then hinders
To find the key
To sanity in a totally insane world
As words spill out
My brains seem to have gone insane
How can one not be branded insane?
When the healer himself has gone kaput
Every bit of sanity
Evolves stopping all pains
Here is to the world that has gone insane
To sanity gone insane

The sound of rain

The many-voiced song of the rain echoes softly
It sings songs of sorrow, ever yearning and sad
Moving towards the sound of the rain
First it was the silence of the clouds
Eventually pouring out, tapping on rooftops as rain
Dark days of an early shower
Beautiful as any summer would be
The sound of rain loves the pink peach blossoms
Innumerable as the stars of night
Thousands of raindrops fall
To create music
To create a song for each one of us
The rain beats upon the human heads
With silver liquid drops
I let the rain sing me a lullaby
To let me fall into a deep slumber
Smiling, happiness empowering me
That is the power of the sound of the rain.

Vanity Drinkers

The woman who appeals to a man's vanity may stimulate him
And a man who appeals to a woman's drinking habit stimulates her more
We are the vanity drinkers
Either way, vanity and drinking has been essential to them both
Like how vanity and pride are two different things
Drinking and getting drunk are too
So, here is to us vanity drinkers
A shot of vodka on the house

By the River Wangchu, I sit and DREAM

I sit on a rock that lies majestically right in between river Wangchu
More rocks, less superior to the one I sit on emerge as landscape of faces
Right before me the river meanders
Creating waves, some fast and some frozen in time
As it hits the faces of the many people I know from life in the form of rocks
The river splashes droplets of water on my face
Each droplet touching my inner being
Bringing out every small memories of life
While intrusion from the city is nill
The flow of the river emerges like moving people on the street
The much awaited breeze finally comes through
Creating the fast flowing river to shudder for a second
Ripples emerge in the water gathered in the corners of the rocks
The beauty of the river water going in circles, defining a no end to everything
I freeze time against everything in life and do what I am "perhaps" best at
I sit by the river Wangchu and DREAM!

An April Day

The sun was warm but the wind was chill
So as would Robert Frost say-
"You know how it is with an April day."
The April rain falls on this particular day
Fitful showers hits the wood and the meadow
Bringing in violets to light the early spring
Julia Dorr has rightly said- "April's rare capricious loveliness."
Just as how unpredictable life can get
On an April day, one can never know what you will get
Like how every spring is the only spring
A perfectual astonishment
So is this April day, unique in itself
This April day sings songs of things beautiful
Of brooks, of blossoms, birds and the silver lake
Retaining the beauty of earth's snow-white robes that's lost
On the April day, a choir of chirping minstrels bring
The wind that wakes the month of May
Yet to be unfurled, yet to be felt, yet to be lived
But I need to live through this April day
As I lay planted with every footstep
Growing, budding and blooming into a spirit of Spring
This indeed is a beautiful day
I am saddened as this April day ends
But I am glad there is another APRIL DAY waiting for me tomorrow.

I can feel the pain

In my dreams I feel pain for when dreams are shattered a heart is broken
In my hopes I feel pain for when hope is lost the person in you die
In my aspirations I feel pain for when that is gone life aint life
In my destiny I feel pain for the unknown journey taken towards it is unsure
In my happiness I feel pain for there is always sadness that chooses to stay longer
In my trust I feel pain for when betrayal strikes you, it always win
In my colors I feel pain for the sky is grey with hatred
In my life I feel pain for life takes away the very person it gives you with so much of love.
I can feel the pain in everyone and everything!!!